Chicago Transit

Chicago Transit

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Now it’s easier to travel through Chicago with a simpler & reliable app for Chicago transit - Chicago Transit: CTA Bus & Train tracke

Chicago Transit: CTA Bus & Train tracker app is an all-in-one CTA transit & transport app that's naturally built around the experience of travels through Chicago, Train Tracker with all currently running live lines, CTA Bus Tracker: All live routes of Northbound & Southbound. It offers Day & Night modes – Light / Dark modes for your preference to keep your experience personalized.

Chicago Trains, combined with the CTA Bus network using mass transit with its frequent status changes, delays, and alerts can be a challenge, we have kept it simple enough for regular commuters and tourists alike.

Best Quality Transit detailed Train/ Rail L Map (Access Offline even with no network) Having the most useful Rail map handy in your pocket makes it easier when commuting in Chicago, you have all - Chicago Bus Tracker, Chicago Train Tracker, Chicago Journey planner & Rail L map for your all travel needs.

⭐Chicago Transit: CTA Bus & Train tracker offers Top Features Including:
♛Chicago Travel Map / CTA L Map: Includes High Resolution Chicago Travel Map – CTA Rail L Map able which takes endless zoom.
♛Chicago Trip Planner / Chicago Journey planner - Directions & best Route to take for Point A to Point B (Departure Now & Departure on Later date & time) with : Need to reach somewhere? Be it now or at a later time and you just want to check. We’ve got your back, just search the A-to-B destination - the starting point and endpoint of your journey and get Transit directions to anywhere from any place in Chicago for any date! Covers all modes of public transportation!
♛Chicago Train Tracker : Keep all train live running status at the current situation in your hands, Always! Ensure your journey stays as smooth as it should be.
♛Chicago Bus Tracker : Stay in control with all Live Bus transit tracker for Chicago for both Northbound & Southbound buses with Chicago Transit: CTA Bus & Train tracker. Search by typing or click from the list, get in-depth options such as: